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Tracker Knife Leather Sheath

Tracker Knife Leather Sheath

Art No : 35306
Price : Upon Request


Custom leather knife sheath/Tracker is handmade using PREMIUM, HARD cow-hide or buffalo-hide leather. The sides of this handcrafted ORIGINAL, THICK leather has been sanded and smoothed

Right Hand Draw HORIZONTAL knife sheath is designed to be worn to the BACK of the belt as SCOUT CARRY

Its best for a knife holster belt knife holder as bushcraft knife sheath - hunting knife sheath - survival knife sheath - custom knife sheath

Length of this leather knife sheath is 9" and total width is 3.00"  Designed to fit max 6.25 inch long and max 2.00 inch wide blades  This sheath can be used between 4.50 inch to 6.25 inch BLADES  Knife sheath 6 inch BLADE sheath means; knife sheath 12 inch or 11 inch total length (approx) // Knife sheath 5 inch BLADE sheath means; knife sheath 10 inch or 9.5 inch total length (approx)


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